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The B-side song “Swedish Fish” written by Nina Gordon and featured on the Benjamin single is a tribute to a very special candy with the same name: The Swedish Fish is produced and exported by Malaco AB, which is one of the biggest candy companies in Scandinavia and based in Sweden.The American/Canadian version of Swedish Fish is smaller and tastes a bit different from the Swedish original called “Malacofiskar”. In all its forms green is however best of all the flavors...

Malaco produces a wide range of candy sold only in Sweden and to all you Swedish Fish-fans, should you ever pay Sweden a visit look out for the Malaco-brand.

To order Swedish Fish contact: 

The Candy Warehouse (www.candywarehouse.com)
5314 Third Street
Irwindale, CA 91706
Phone: 626-480-0899
Fax: 626-480-0818