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Sweden has been graced with the wonderful presence of Salt only once - during the Stockholm Waterfestival in August '97. We, of course, were there. The circumstances could not have been any better as it was a beautiful summer day and Veruca Salt were to perform on a stage on water. The concert lasted for a rough 55 minutes where the girls litterally took the breath of the audince away with their spunkiness and attitude. Louise got to practice her Swedish and make riffs lying down, Nina was headbanging away, Steve was a picture of cooliness and Stacy gave those drums what they deserved.
The visit was brief and only contained this one concert and a couple of interviews with newpapers and the national music channel - ZTV. Read the transcript and learn which naughty Swedish words Nina knows here.

The concert was recorded and was later mixed and made into a bootleg by Johan. This was later ripped off by Thunderball Records and appears on their more known silver bootleg Flowergirls. Veruca Salt's festival appearance was also video taped and we hold the only copy of this recording.


Concert review from the Swedish newspaper Expressen.
If you wish to have it translated, please let us know.

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The festival ticket ;)

Read Anna's review from ´97

We took quite a few superb photos during the concert. If you want to have a look at them, email us and we will give you the password for the page.