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Louise Lightner Post is born on December 7 in St. Louis, MO.

Nina Rachel Gordon-Shapiro is born on November 14 in Washington, DC.

Stephen Joseph Lackawicz is born on March 26 in Naples, Florida.
Stacy Jones is born on December 19.

Nina attends her first concert - The Beach Boys at Madison Square Gardens.

Louise starts to play the piano.
Nina gets her first guitar and learns how to play three chords.
Louise gets Abbey Road by The Beatles from her brother.

Louise's parents are divorced.

Louise attends her first concert - Jackson Browne.
Gina Crosley is born on May 2.
Anna is born on June 7.

Louise is busted by her mom while smoking pot.
Johan is born on March 17.

Louise co-writes her first song.

Louise moves to New York to start college at Barnard.

Louise wins a poetry award at Barnard.
Steve Lack moves from Naples, FL to the southside of Chicago.

Nina gets her first electric guitar for her birthday, a cheap copy of a Gibson SG.

Louise moves to Chicago.

Louise writes A Piece Of You.

Louise gets her first electric guitar, a Les Paul copy, by a friend.
Lili Taylor plays A Piece Of You to Nina from Louise's house over the phone on new years eve.

In January Nina and Louise meet for the first time.

Nina and Louise place an advert for a drummer and a bassist and find Steve.
Jim Shapiro decides to join Veruca Salt on drums.
Veruca Salt together with John Ross record a demo-tape at Mousecup Studios. The demo includes Get Back, All Hail Me, Halloween Day and Wolf.

Veruca Salt's first single, Seether, is released in only 2,000 copies in the States and in the United Kingdom. Six weeks after the release they have all been sold.
American Thighs is released on September 27 on Minty Fresh and is then re-released in November on Geffen Records.
Seether is getting frequent airplay on MTV and the video has to be edited to no longer include the blowing up of dolls.

Anna buys a copy of American Thighs in January.
American Thighs goes gold in February.
Veruca Salt does an extensive coast to coast tour in the Untited States together with e.g. the Swedish band Souls.
Veruca Salt plays their their biggerst show so far in front of 10,000 at Chicago Arena. They played together with Hole, Weezer and Dinosaur Jr.
Veruca Salt does a small world tour including Germany, France, Denmark and United Kingdom.
Stacy is nearly killed at a Letters Of Cleo show when a monitor falls of a stand next to him landing on his leg.

Blow It Out Your Ass It's Veruca Salt is released on April 16.
Eight Arms To Hold You is recorded in Maui, Hawaii. Louise writes Resolver's first single, Born Entertainer, during this period.

Veruca Salt are scheduled to play Studion in Stockholm but the show gets cancelled.
Jim Shapiro leaves Veruca Salt to front his own band Ultraswiss and is replaced by Stacy Jones of Letter To Cleo. Stacy's first band ever was called Turning Trix and before joining Veruca Salt he turned down to play drums for Foo Fighters.
Eight Arms To Hold You is released on February 11. Working titles for the album included "The Bitch Is Back And She's Ready To Party", "The Speed Of Candy", "All Knocked Up" and "Memat For Dirty Blondes". They finally chose the title "Eight Arms To Hold You" because it struck as beautiful, yet violent and because they love The Beatles.
Anna and Johan meet for the first time on March 16.
Veruca Salt play the Waterfestival in Stockholm on August 13.

Nina leaves Veruca Salt.
After finishing writing material in Boston and Los Angeles for her solo debut, Nina enters Bob Rock's studio in Maui, Hawaii in November.

Louise works together with Chris Holmes and Brian Liesegang from Ashtar Command. This co-operation results in the song Solve My Problems Today, which is featured on the soundtrack to the film "The Avengers"
Suzanne Sokol joins Veruca Salt on bas and vocals. Suzanne first encountered Louise in the bathroom at Cabaret Metro at a Cupcakes show.
Louise states in interviews that the album she is currently working on is to include the tracks Officially Dead, Yeah Man, Bombshells and Pin-ups, Pretty Boys, Wet Suit, Used To Know Her, Imperfectly, The Same Person, Hellraiser, Best You Can Get, Disconnected and Born Entertainer. Rumours florish on the Internet that the record is to be titled 'The Bitch Is Back (and she is ready to party)'. The recordigs are taking place at Gravity Studios in Chicago.
Louise drops from Geffen Recordings and Beyond Music announce that they have signed Veruca Salt.
Outpost Recordings announce that Nina's solo album 'Tonight And The Rest Of My Life' will be released on their label in August. Songs said to be appearing are 2003, Like It Happens Every Day, Hate Your Way, Black And Blonde, Horses In The City, Got Me Down, New Years Day and Tonight And The Rest Of My Life. Horses In The City is to be the first single. A demo version of Got Me Down floats around the Internet.
Nina performes for the first time since the break-up at Fingerlakes Performing Arts Center in New York on August 2.
The new Veruca Salt tour the midwest of the United States 'the Born Entertainer Tour' and their first gig is on December 2 together with Cupcakes at the Highdive, Champaign, IL. The song I Love You Too is played and will according to Louise be featured on their forthcoming record Resolver.

Resolver by the new Veruca Salt is released on May 16 on Beyond Music and Velveteen Records.
www.verucasalt.com is launched.
www.ninagordon.com is launched.
Tonight and the rest of my life, Nina's solo debute is released on 27 June
Nina does a promo tour in Australia in November and meets the infamous Emmawoooo at .
Suzanne Sokol leaves Veruca Salt to concentrate on her own band Cordy and is replaced by Gina Crosley of Rockit Girl.

Resolver is released in Japan on March 24.
Nina opens for David Gray during his spring tour of the United States.
Louise Post and Gina Crosley are to be a part of Courtney Love's side project Bastard and spend two weeks in May jamming in Los Angeles with Courtney and Patty Smechel.
Gina Crosley is rumoured to be replaced in Bastard by Corey Parks formerly of Nashville Pussy. Courtney does however state that 'Gina rocks so shut up!' on the message board of hole.com.
Louise posts a message to her fans for the first time on the Yahoo! Veruca Salt 2000 Club.
Veruca Salt is scheduled to tour Japan in June but the pigs at Beyond decide to cancel it with short notice.
Anna and Johan are engaged on June 7.
Both Louise and Nina announce that they are moving to Los Angeles.
Veruca Salt does a thirteen date midwest tour with new bassit Gina Crosley ending with the House of Blues in Chicago on June 13. Songs featured on the setlist are Shimmer Like A Girl, an acoustic version of Wolf and an acapella version of One Last Time.
Louise and Gina visit the United Kingom during the beginning of July to do press promotion for the upcoming release of Resolver on 20 August. Born Entertainer is going to be released as the first single with Yeah Man and Imperfectly as b-sides.
In a radio session at www.totalrock.com Louise states that her favourite song on Nina's solo album is Number One Camera and that Nina's favourite on Resolver is Only You Know.

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